Leaflets For Your Acting Performance

Advertising plays an important part in enhancing the success of any show or performance irrespective of the intended venue. There are various forms of advertising including the use of digital media, radio stations, televisions, billboards, flyers and leaflets. Different methods have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. We explore the benefits of using flyers and leaflets to advertise a show or performance.

Extra information about leaflet printing London

Ease of production

Flyers have been used for advertising services, products and different types of performances for a long period of time. They have therefore evolved from simple advertising tools to sophisticated leaflets and flyers. However, their production remains easy and straightforward and is divided into two stages; the design and production stages. The design requires technical knowhow which may utilise standard or customised templates. These can be easily developed by the design staff. Production involves printing which is done through modern printing equipment. The whole design and production process can be completed in a few hours. leaflet printing London can be done even for short notice events.


Flyers and leaflets are affordable marketing tools. Due to the improvement in technology, designing a flyer takes a short time meaning that the overall cost of design is relatively low. Once the design has been finalised, copies of the flyer can be mass produced through industrial printers. The cost of printing has reduced immensely due to the improvement in technology. Therefore, the total production cost of a single leaftlet or flyer is relatively lower compared to other modes of advertising. When the cost of advertising is low, the cost of attending the show could also be low allowing more people to attend it.

Incentivise clients

Leaflets and flyers can be used to pass on incentives to clients. The flyers could contain discount codes or vouchers that could be redeemed for specific events. For example, the first 100 clients could receive a discount code with the leaflet. This is a great way to rouse interest in the event while rewarding clients. This could also translate into loyalty among attendees over time.

Reach more people

Leaflets and flyers could help you reach out to more people. The higher the number of copies made, the higher the number of people reached. In addition, those who get the flyers can pass them on to other people, increasing your reach. It is also possible to reach a specific category of consumers through selecting the people who are more likely to respond to your event. For example, the flyers could be handed to young people only or to the working class. This increases the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.